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Class 37 loco update

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This year is the 50th anniversary of the entry into service of the English Electric Type 3 – otherwise known as the Class 37. We’re commemorating this with a Diesel Anniversary Weekend in York in October – but for the last several months, our own 37 (the very first) has been in the works undergoing major body repairs at the hands of skilled welder Dave Hewson.

Currently known as D6700, this engine has also carried 37 119  and 37 350 during its working life, but will be outshopped in its original identity for the event.

We had hoped that the engine would be able to celebrate the class’s anniversary by attending events at other locations around the country, but the extent of the bodywork repairs has meant that it sadly couldn’t happen. It will be good to have the engine finished for our event at the very least.

Here’s some pictures taken yesterday in The Works of the state so far.

(Ed’s note: there’s a tie-in competition for our diesel event – the prize is to start up D6700 during our mass Saturday morning start-up. You can enter via the page for our Class 37 Diesel Anniversary Weekend.)

D6700 under repair. Note the repaired cab window surounds. You can see Dave Hewson is busy from the reflection of the welding arc on the side of the Western on the adjacent track.

Just one of the sections of repaired bodyside on the loco, with curves and angles galore!

Following behind where Dave Hewson has been working was Steve Huggins, our diesel fitter, grinding the welds back in readiness for priming.

Written by Anthony Coulls

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  1. david ware

    Nice to see this work in progress; reminds me of what I had to do with the lower-body panels on my first British-built car, some decades ago.

  2. Just

    Great work Dave, and good to see that the national collection is preserving an example one of the stalwarts of our railways for the last 50 yrs, and hopefully well into the future.

  3. Dave H

    There is an interesting point to ponder, that even as you have an example of the class in your museum, other locos in the fleet are still actively working in the UK (and overseas?) on passenger and freight services. When will you be taking in a class 67?

  4. Jason brown

    When the 67’s start getting withdrawn and become as popular as the 37’s perhaps….

  5. Andrew Gardner

    has it gone to WCR Carnforth for more work or painting?

  6. Anthony Coulls

    Just painting Andrew

  7. Andy Parkinson

    Does anyone know which Tractors will be on show at the event please?

    1. Mark Green, NRM Web Producer

      Andy – the locos at the event are D6700, 37685, 37025, 37275, 37906 and a DRS.

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