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Sir Nigel Gresley overhaul – introduction

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Pacific A4 4498 / 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley is having its 10-year overhaul right here at York and will be available to view from the balcony for up to three years.

The locomotive is owned by the Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust and the overhaul is being co-ordinated by locomotive engineer Darrin Crone with the help of a number of passionate volunteers. Listen to John Wilkinson – Deputy Chairman of the Trust – as he gives a brief overview of the overhaul:

Despite being in the early stages the team report progress is very good and the Trust’s intention is that following the overhaul the locomotive will once again operate on mainline railtours and heritage railways throughout the UK.

We’ll publish regular updates of progress throughout the overhaul on this blog – feel free to post any of your own photos to our Facebook page if you notice the team doing anything interesting while you watch from the Works balcony.

Members of the SNGLT (Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust) in our works balcony the day the locomotive arrived in The Works.

Members of the SNGLT (Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust) on our works balcony the day the locomotive arrived.

John Wilkinson (left) and Darrin Crone stand proudly on The Works floor in front of the loco.

John Wilkinson (left) and Darrin Crone (engineer) on The Works workshop floor in front of the loco.

Did you know?

  • The loco entered service in 1937 and is one of only six A4’s remaining in the world and the only one that is owned and operated by members of a charitable Trust. Find out more about the Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust (SNGLT);
  • Its usual home is North Yorkshire Moors Railway;
  • Sir Nigel Gresley holds the post-war speed record for steam traction – it was clocked doing 112 mph in 1959;
  • Sir Nigel Gresley’s tender is actually Flying Scotsman’s. Obtained in 1943 for the A4 and still in use;
  • When SNGLT bought the engine off British Railways in 1966, it had a full overhaul and obtained the wheels from sister A4 Miles Beevor in addition to the boiler of 60016 Silver King;
  • Read more about Sir Nigel Gresley the locomotive engineer.

See the overhaul as it happens by visiting The Works during your visit.


Written by Dan Clarkson

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  1. Rob

    What’s wrong with the volume on the video? Even at 100% you can’t hear what John Wilkinson is saying!

  2. Colin Brookes

    Hope you make a better job than the mess you made of The Flying Scotsman,in my opinion she should have gone to Riley’s at Bury she would have been on the rails earlier, and much Cheaper than the £4.2 million.

    1. Lynn garton

      Hi my brother has volunteered to work on the sir Nigel Gresley. It’s been overall effect by volunteers. And the funds are by public donations. The flying Scotsman was funded. And worked on by profetionals. What these volunteers are doing is wonderful. Maybe you should volunteer to help.

    2. Craig

      NRM are only providing the work shop
      Believe all work is been done by SNGT themselves.
      So the shambolic 4472 restoration should not be a factor

    3. Bill Cochrane

      A very negative and cynical comment based on zero evidence. The staff at NRM did a fantastic job on a very difficult restoration. The condition of 60103 and its reliable service are testament to the quality of their work I am sure Riley’s would also have done a good job.

      Most of the work on 60007 is being done by NYMR personnel which will work out cheaper than any contractor.

      Sometimes it is best to put the brain into gear before engaging mouth

  3. Andrew

    Its something of a crime to lose a locomotive in our life times, but to see them alive on the mainline is something that is magical and teaches our children about our past and history of locomotives like the Scotsman and the Sir Nigel Gresley. For me its the smell of the oil, the steam and seeing peoples faces light up. So to say that any contractor is worse than another is totally disrespectful. The Scotsman is a sight to see and i can say that NRM did an absolutely wonderful job on her. Well done to all those that brought her back to life!!

    1. Bryan Lowe

      Well said.

  4. Jon Ingham

    I was pleased to play somewhat of a role in fundraising to purchase Flying Scotsman under the banner Save Our Scotsman. The idea driving behind the campaign was to save the locomotive for future generations not simply keep it going to the next overhaul.

    With time investment and no doubt a lot of additional fundraising, the Museum has prepared Flying Scotsman for a term long future as a centre piece of the national collection.

    Regards to everyone at the NRM,

    Jon Ingham

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