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Record Breakers Cab It weekend at Shildon – featuring APT-E

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This weekend at Shildon sees the re-launch of the APT-E support group at the twice yearly Cab It event. More details on the Cab It! event page (note that, contrary to an earlier press release, Kit Spackman’s talk will now be held both days).

The APT-E group are looking for more volunteers to help with their ongoing work to cosmetically restore E-Train, and would love to hear from anyone interested in getting involved. See http://www.apt-e.org/ for details.

A taster for the weekend - the cab of APT-E

Ever wondered what made the APT-E tick? There are five Leyland gas turbines in a power car. Come and see them this weekend!

APT-E awaits the public!

Written by Anthony Coulls

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    Hey, good afternoon,

    I just happened to be talking about a former work colleague of mine called Kit Spackman and googled him and I’m pretty sure it is the same Kit working for APT now!!

    I wonder if you could pass this on to him as to whether he ever worked in Stroud with a girl called Vanessa. If he did it would be great to catch up.

    Many thanks and regards

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