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Picture of the week: The Great Hall of Euston station, 1890

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We’ve just launched a new railway photos section on our main website, with over 3500 images from our gigantic photo collection. It’s only a tiny proportion of the over 1.75 million photographs we have in stores – we’re concentrating for the moment on official photos from old railway works – but we’re only just getting started. We’ll be adding many thousands more pictures over the coming months.


Even better, the photos are released under a Creative Commons license: they’re free for any non-commercial use as long as you include credit and add a link back to the photo page. (Each individual photo has the full credit line and link).

To celebrate all this, each week a different member of staff will be choosing one of their favourite photos for this blog. We’re kicking off with Lorna Frost, Assistant Curator of Image Collections:

My photo of the week is this image of the Great Hall of Euston Station, 1890. It shows the commanding statue of George Stephenson who now presides over our own Great Hall.


There are some pictures of the statue as it stands today on its Our Collection page.

Written by Mark Green

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  1. Pete Speller

    This has the potential to be a fantastic service, but…
    If I wish to purchase a copy, I’m redirected to the SSPL homepage & I have to search for the image again. Your catalogue reference differs from the SSPL ref, so that means I have to do it the long way round.

    Also… I see no option on the SSPL site to download a hi-res digital version, which would be of greater use to me than an A4 print.

    I’d suggest that you look at the Library of Congress photo collection to see how it really ought to be done. Here’s a token sample: http://www.loc.gov/pictures/resource/ggbain.09513/

    1. Mark Green, NRM Web Producer

      Hi Pete,

      The page at http://www.nrm.org.uk/ourcollection/photo?group=crewe&item=158 has two links at the bottom that redirect straight to the SSPL pages, so no need to go searching!

      I’ll let SSPL know about your feedback on downloading digital versions.

      Best wishes,

      1. Pete Speller

        Hi Mark,

        Quite how I missed the links I’m at a loss to explain… must have been an early-onset Senior Moment.

        Further to my comments, I’ve registered at the SSPL site & it appears that a digital download *is* available. However, to find out anything regarding image resolution, format, file size and (rather crucially) price, my only option appears to be to e-mail a request & await a reply.

        Surely a simple ‘tick box’ tariff system based on licence restrictions would be more of an incentive – especially to potential customers like myself that would like a hi-res image for private research purposes (i.e. non-commercial use).

        The current system is a hoop too far for me I’m afraid.

        All the best,


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