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This blog is written by staff and volunteers who work at the museum, from Curators, Conservators, Designers and Events staff.


Guest Authors


We often publish posts by non National Railway Museum staff and volunteers – these are our guest authors.

  • Karen Baker

    Karen is our the Librarian which means she looks after the Library Collection – books, magazines, multi-media - and manage our library and archive (Search Engine) service. Her role involves helping people navigate the complexities of railway terminology, history and legacy to find what it is they are looking for.

  • Amy Banks

    Amy works in our Public Programmes team and is our Exhibitions and Design Manager

  • Ed Bartholomew

    Ed is senior curator for our Image and Sound collection. When we need any multimedia for any of our exhibitions, Ed is the first person we speak to.

  • Ollie Betts

    Oliver is our Research Fellow.

  • Chris Binks

    Chris is a conversation assistant in our Collections and Research Team. He ensures objects are maintained, cleaned and restored to be highest standards.

  • Angelique Bonamy

    Angelique is our Associate Archivist for our Film & Sound Collections.

  • Martha Cattell

    Martha Cattell was a <a href="https://www.york.ac.uk/history-of-art/prospective-postgraduates/partnerships/national-railway-museum/">National Railway Museum partnership student</a> who undertook an MA in Art History at the University of York in the academic year 2014-2015. She is now embarking on a PhD on the art of whaling a..

  • Dan Clarkson

    Dan was the museum's Web Manager.

  • Anthony Coulls

    Anthony is our Senior Curator of Rail Transport and Technology.

  • Charlotte Dennard

    Charlotte is our Associate Archivist who is cataloguing our many archive collections

  • Jack Garside

    Jack is one of our archive volunteers. His posts are often about the great stories and items that he comes across as part of helping us with our papers, photos, timetables, guides, books and huge amount of other documents as part of our collection.

  • Robert Gwynne

    Bob Gwynne is our Associate Curator in our Collections and Research Team.

  • Noel Hartley

    Noel Hartley is in charge of our rail operations. When any rolling stock needs to come to, leave from, or change position at the National Railway Museum, Noel is the man you need to speak to.

  • Matthew Hick

    Matt was previously volunteer manager for the National Railway Museum. Now Matt works across the whole science museum group co-ordinating volunteer activity.

  • Roger Highfield

    Roger Highfield is the Director of External Affairs at the Science Museum Group. He studied Chemistry at the University of Oxford and was the first person to bounce a neutron off a soap bubble. He was the Science Editor of The Daily Telegraph for two decades, and the Editor of New Scientist between 2008 and 2011. Roger is also a science journalist,..

  • Russell Hollowood

    Russell was Assistant Curator at the National Railway Museum until March 2015 when he left for new pastures.

  • Alison Kay

    Alison is the Associate Archivist at the National Railway Museum, and especially interested in railway social history and the amazing stories told in our archives. She is currently researching for our First World War exhibition for Summer 2016.

  • Paul Kirkman

    Paul has been the Director of the National Railway Museum since late 2012 having previously worked at DCMS and the Treasury.

  • Susan MajorGuest Author

    Sue is one of our guest authors. She has been studying for her PHD as part of the Institute of Railway Studies : a joint partnership between the museum and the University of York.

  • Claire Marston

    Claire is our Learning Partnership co-ordinator and busy working on learning resources to support our future public programme.

  • Andrew McLean

    Andrew McLean the National Railway Museum's Head Curator, responsible for storing, conserving and bringing to life our collection items.

  • Tania Parker

    Tania is one of our archive volunteers. Often penning posts with colleague Jack, she's great at picking out interesting stories and irreverent details from her work on our archives.

  • Tim Procter

    Tim is our Curator of Archive & Library Collections. He has a particular interest in railway drawing offices and their practices and railway record-keeping in general, as well as ambulance trains and the railways of Sierra Leone.

  • Wendy S-Woodiwis

    Wendy works as part of our conservation department with Chris and Helen. Together they're responsible for maintaining, conserving and restoring all our collection items.

  • Sally Sculthorpe

    Sally worked on our Station Hall redevelopment project from 2010 to 2012.

  • Jane Sparkes

    Jane is one of our Interpretation Developers. Working as part of the Public Programmes team, much of the interpretation in the museum has either been written by Jane or had his eye cast over it. She is currently busy working on the Ambulance Train exhibition for Summer 2016.

  • Harriet Steers

    Harriet is one of our archive volunteers working on the First World War project.

  • Ellen Tait

    Ellen is one of our Interpretation Developers. Working as part of the Public Programmes team, much of the interpretation in the museum has either been written by Ellen or had her expert eye cast over it.

  • Jamie Taylor

    Jamie is one of our Interpretation Developers. Working as part of the Public Programmes team, much of the interpretation in the museum has either been written by Jamie or had his eye cast over it. Jamie is very busy working on the Flying Scotsman 2016 season.

  • Peter Thorpe

    Peter works as a Library and Archive Assistant, helping to catalogue and manage our library collections as well as working with our archive collections. He is also one of our Search Engine Assistants, who provide a front of house service to visitors to our research centre.

  • Stathis Tsolis

    Stathis was our Conservation Manager from 2011 to Spring 2015.

  • Chris Valkoinen

    Chris in one of our Search Engine volunteers and Friend of the NRM