MOR Music: Music On Rails – Spotlight on Vinnie & the Stars

Last week we met up with Craig Whitehead (lead singer of Vinnie & the Stars) to discuss their upcoming performance at our Music On Rails festival. Here is what he said:

Vinnie & the Stars

© Flaming Pint Productions

What type of music do you perform and how did you all get into music? 

The Vinnie & The Stars genre is what we have come to call Hull-Hop, it’s Rock, Blues, and Funk with a Hip-Hop thread binding it all together. I started as a solo acoustic singer and the current line-up is really made up of friends who have seen me play that I knew where all great musicians that’d I’d asked to join the band. Andy Precious (Bass) has been in the band since pretty much the beginning. Tom Shillito (Drums) and Kath Perring (Keyboards) are newer additions. We all have a diverse taste in music and it’s fun to bring it all together to create our sound!

What have been the bands musical achievements to date?

Been play listed on BBC 6 Music on The Tom Robinson Show, Supporting Goldie Lookin Chain, my Solo Acoustic Tour of Louisiana. I’ll also be flying over to Canada to work with Paul Milner a producer who’s worked with Keith Richards, Sting and Eddy Grant on the next album.

What attracted you to want to perform at Music On Rails?

We love MOR Music, and everything they do for the local music scene, it was a pleasure to be asked to play! We can’t wait for the opportunity to play alongside some of our favourite local artists, have a great day, and share our music with lots of new people.

If you could describe the band in a sentence what would that sentence be?

“A boat filled with funk, punk, folk, blues sweetened with a sense of humour sailing out of hull harbour destined for the world!!!!!” – Grant Henderson (Music Producer/Loom Studio/Killer Computers)

Click here to find out more information on Vinnie & the Stars

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