MOR Music: Music on Rails – Spotlight on The Rodeo Falls

We recently caught up with The Rodeo Falls, who will be performing at our MOR Music: Music On Rails festival on Saturday 6 September. Here’s what they had to say:

What is the band’s background and how did you form?

© Glossy Onions Photography

© Glossy Onions Photography

With York being fairly compact and full of those “it’s a small world” stories, we all met through friends of friends and loosely spoke of getting together for a jam. A text message was sent out by Marck (vocals and acoustic guitar) to Bob (bass guitar), Dave (lead guitar and vocals) and Mike (drums) with a time, date and place to meet in putting together the band. Everyone turned up, we exchanged vows and the rest will one day be available in an anthology.

Why did you choose the name ‘The Rodeo Falls’?

There are meanings behind the name, with all four of us relating a different explanation of it. Essentially in a broad stroke it is getting back on the ride when you get kicked off, never giving up and having a “life is tough and so am I” attitude.

What attracted you to want to perform at the National Railway Museum?

Marck had previously been to a gig there by The Buccaneers and The Blueprints and the museum was ideal for a show on a bigger scale, which this will be and we knew we had to play it. Being regulars at MOR Music, when it was announced on Facebook that there was a book available to sign for bands interested in playing, Dave got in there pronto and The Rodeo Falls was the first name to go into that book.

What have been the bands biggest achievements?

Our debut album has just been completed and is called Better Broken, which alongside a live EP we recorded in 2013, showcases a wide pallet of styles we have within a pop/rock/funk garage rather than pigeon-hole. The biggest achievements really are the calibre and potential of the songs and the band as a song-writing team for future releases. Live shows have garnered rave reviews and being on the bill and playing a knock-out show at the Music On Rails festival will no doubt be an answer to the next time we’re asked this question.

Describe the band in one sentence?

“When’s your next gig and where can I get hold of your music?”

Click here for more information on MOR Music: Music On Rails

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