A Freezing New Year

2010 is upon us and I’d like to wish all a Happy New Year, though after 3 weeks of snow and ice now it’s not been particularly joyous for many. On Boxing Day we went for a steam fix and took the girls for a ride at Tanfield, where a good time was had by all – once points and brakes had been unfrozen! There were a good number of folk around and the complimentary mince pies were very welcome, here No.49 at the rear of the train awaits departure for East Tanfield.

Signalman Neville Whaler exchanges the single line token at Marley Hill, where the warmth of his signal box awaits until the passing of the next train.

Meanwhile back at work yesterday I popped into Rail Restorations North East to see this Class 122 “Bubble Car” in the first stages of restoration – the LMS BG having moved to Weardale a few weeks before Christmas.

Another local call this morning in the snow was to see Michael Bowman, a good friend, who runs Vintage Vehicles Shildon http://www.vintagecommercials.co.uk/museum.html which whilst concentrating on road vehicles has some with railway connections and also this Fowler diesel shunter on loan from the Furness Railway Trust, built in 1939 and known as “Fluff”. If you have an interest in wider transport heritage, do call into this friendly museum when you visit Locomotion, there is a very modest entry fee and lots to see.

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About Anthony Coulls

Anthony is Senior Curator of Rail Vehicles at the NRM and has been an active heritage railway volunteer since 1988
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One Response to A Freezing New Year

  1. matt says:

    Hi do you know if theres been much work done on the Class 122 “Bubble Car” ?


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